How To Enter the Songwriting Competition

Burnsong Promoting Songwriting

Burnsong Promoting Songwriting

Simply click on the link below and upload your song.

But first, don’t be dumb!!!!! PLEASE REMEMBER TO NAME YOUR TRACK.

We can’t listen to songs called Track 1 or Track 25 so give it a Title or we won’t listen.

After you’ve uploaded it send us a message on our Soundcloud page or Facebook

with the following details:

Song Title: *

Written by: *

Address: *

E-mail: *

By entering the contest you acknowledge that you have read and understand and accept the Rules and Regulations of the contest as published on this blog.  


Closing date for entries – 04.10.2014

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  1. “Rules and Regulations of the contest as published on this blog” – nice one. Go on, give us a clue, where are they hiding? Can’t find them here or the homepage…


    • Hi Dan,
      Just go to the menu box in the to right corner. I will also add a link on each page to them.
      Best regards, Robert


  2. Thanks Robert – is that a standard wordpress ‘feature’ then? Now you point it out, makes sense. Didn’t even notice it before (obviously) – cheers Dan


    • Hi Dan, I’m glad that helped. Yes it is standard on many of the wordpress themes, I believe that it was something that was introduced so that the pages formatted ok at phone screen size. Good luck with the competition and please contact me if you have any further questions. Robert


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